Chapter 7

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The author mentions how to define cultural space. Home is the first section that is mentioned in the chapter. " The complex relationships we have between various places and our identities resist simplistic reduction." The ambiguity with the definiton of home caused difficulty to define our identification. For those who raise and born and spend all of their live in a same place, it is easy for them to define their own identification. But for those don't, identification and where they come from become blurred. what are the criteria defining home? according to our address? according to our race? or according to where we born?

Moreover, another significant type of cultural space is the concept of neighborhood. The author defines and emphases a neighborhood as multiculturalism. Many cities abound with multiple cultural spaces. However, I think another component that the author should mention is the social and economic differences. Take Los Angeles as an example, many celebrities and wealthy billionaires live in Beverly Hill. But not too far away, Korean Town where only couple miles away, there are significant differences in terms of property prices and the quality of the neighborhood.

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