forgive or not

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In the documentary,the victim's parents offered the killers forgivessness and hugs, which really moves me. Some of them were willing to accept him. Some of them refused and scored him. Just like one of our classmate described" there is no middle ground. The families either forgive or never forgive." I If I were in their situations, it is extremely difficult for me to truely forgive the person. could never understand how difficult did they get through or how did they feel when confronting the person who killed their beloved one. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission ( TRC ) had done so much work with addressing conflicts. The whole concept of reconciliatioin is fantastic.

Some of the murders realized they have done wrong and felt so guilty about it, but some of them don't. But no matter what they felt about the crimes, they will still walk away freely and without any serious consequences. Therefore, I do agree with some of the classmates that letting the murders go is so unfair and crucial for the families and the innocent victims. Even though Confession in front of the public takes tremendous courage, it could not replace the pain of the lost and the value of human lives. The commission argues that the extensive guilt is an extensive process and an open publishment for them. However, it is so unfair for the other prisoners who committed in different types of crimes. Also, it sends a negative message to the public that if you commit any crime involving with political movement, you will eventually get away from it and without any consequences and publishment. The main goal of imprisonment is to deprive a person's freedom to achieve so called "extensive punishment."

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