The Power of Forgiveness

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After watching the first half of the documentary, I feel the movie is trying to promote forgiveness and love. In South Africa, the black protestant had killed the innocent white student; the white soilder had murdered several black activists. it seemed like an unstoppable cycle of hatress and revenge which caused by a series of the political attacks. However, when Linda Biehl who is the mother of a victim, went to cultiviate friendships between the parents of murderer. it was heart-melting and it shows the power of forgiveness and understanding.

I would never understand how does it feel someone I love and care the most is being murdered, but I guess it is never easy to get through. Linda Biehl's daughter was being killed by a African young man. He was being motivated that killing white people and what he thought it is political correct. But later on, the young killer realized who he just killed the wrong person. Amy came all around the world to help them to fight for their right. He felt extremely shameful and could not overcome the wrong-doing that he committed. More surprisingly, when Amy's parents also had the actual knowledge why the murderer committed the crime. They went to South Africa and reconciled with his families.

Behind all these cases, the South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) had done so much work with addressing conflicts. The organization had revealed the true stories behind the murders and the victims and gave the parties the chances to understand other's circumstances. Through reconcilation, it removes the root of hate and bitterness, it also promotes justice, truth, forgiveness,

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