Part V

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In part V, the author states that whites often remain silent when it comes to racial issues. On the other hand, people of color do the same thing, however, it could lead to self- blame and self-doubt of internalized oppression. In addition, she also points out the shifting of American demographic. There is a tendency that United States becomes a " melting pot " with people of color and less white. Therefore, it reinforces the importance of acknowledging and coping racism.

Besides, the transformation with her college community has represented the change in diversity in terms of religion, demography, as well as culture. As a educator, she points out the difficulties that she and her colleagues face when they face racism. However, she seldom discuss the practical ideas that we could effectively deal with racial issues.

Discussion Question

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What kind of attitude should we use when discuss racial issues in a diverse group? What the reasons why discussing racial issues are important ?

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