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As we live in a white community, we may not feel and acknowledge the experiences of racisms. But when you live in a non-white community or a country, have you ever felt being the minority or even being discriminated? would the experiences help you to agree with what the author mentions " system of advantage"?

Tatum I

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The Chapter firstly talks about the concept of racism, and then discusses in details of being a white and how white people view and treat the issue of racism. Before the author clarifies the concepts of people of color, I was surprised how she describes non-white people. Even though she did not make any offensive statements, she made an over-generalized statement when she makes comparisons with the white.
In fact, I agree with her early statements when she introduces how the concepts of racism are being formed. " most of the early information we receive about " others" ... doesn't come as the result of firsthand experiences. The secondhand information we do receive has often been distorted, shaped by cultural stereotypes, and left incomplete. " She gives examples how children describe Native Americans. It reflects that how our routed impressive of others highly associated with the mass media.

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