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We live in America and we don't have to worry the matter of water allocation. But what if we do face the same problem that India is facing, what will the country do?

Unquenchable Thirst

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Water source is not only critical to civilian's lives, but also a tensional force that takes place in Pakistan and India. The dam supplies thousands and thousands families and factories. At the same time, a threat that potentially endangered their lives.On the other hand, due to geographical location, China controls the water sources of India and India is facing the problem of water scarcity.
I agree with the author's thought that water as along-term threat to Asian stability. In fact, it is a issue with extreme complexity. It involves with a large range of issues, including power allocation, historical contexts, political negation. Also, it is an international matter, which involves with multi-countries. More importantly, it is a extensive process that takes countries and negotiate and compromise.

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