You know, We are all Indian

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After reading the article, I feel it is no ok to use racial logo to symbol for a certain ethnicity. The main underlying reasons is that the symbol highly associated to the humuliative history. For example, if there is a sport team use the names of Gold Digger or the Railroad slave, to describe the Chinese. I am sure the Chinese Americans will go against it.

In the NCAA's case, the organization seems they are fighting for the right of the Native Indian by banning schools to use the image of them. But the methods or the punishments that they used varied from school to school. It is obvious it is not fair to each school. In the meantime, they allow the sponsorship to use the logos or the imagary of the Native Americans. It is not hard for us to doubt that the "exception" is it really for the so called justice of the Native or just for the economic issues or even greet.

Weekly Quesiton

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After reading the article, what are the main reasons for NCAA to take such actions to ban colleges using the Indiana's imageries. Is it really about equality and justice, or is there any reasons that you could think of. When you describe yourself as a certain kind of symbol ( such as Sioux ), what do you first think of?

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