Project: Patient DVD for Schulze Diabetes Institute

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Challenge: When the University of Minnesota's Schulze Diabetes Institute wanted an additional method to recruit patients with type 1 diabetes for a clinical trial, they asked the AHC Learning Commons to create a DVD explaining the benefits of islet cell transplantation. They envisioned a video that could be distributed in clinics, hospitals, community events, and on the Center website.

Solution: In response to the request, the AHC Learning Commons developed a DVD that covered various aspects of the clinical trial:

  • Background on the Schulze Diabetes Institute and islet cells
  • An overview of the transplant procedure and its results
  • Testimonials from prior recipients of the transplantation
  • Information directing the patient on how to volunteer for the clinical trial.

An online version of this DVD can be viewed at

Impact: This DVD provides patients an informative look at the possibilities available to them through islet cell transplantation, connects them with the providers of the procedure, and shares the experiences of other recipients. Patients volunteering in the trial help to advance knowledge of islet transplantation, paving the way for advances that will benefit others with type 1 diabetes. Additionally, the DVD serves as a tool for diabetes educators in the community to provide information on the procedure.

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