Project: Introduction to Biomedical Health Informatics

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Challenge: As part of the Clinical Research Methodologies Curriculum, a course was required that would introduce health care practitioners, researchers, research coordinators, and health professionals-in-training to basic aspects of clinical research, specifically to the field of Biomedical Health Informatics (BMHI).

Solution: We developed an online course that defines the science of biomedical health informatics, and discusses its historical, current, and future roles in health and healthcare, as well as its relationship to other informatics disciplines. Experts in the field present their thoughts and research about BMHI.

Impact: In the course, learners explore the definition of BMHI along with current examples of informatics research and policy initiatives. The course discusses the growth and the future of the field, and methods to get engaged in biomedical health informatics.

A graph showing the explosion of information in the current digital age

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