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Project: PallCI (Palliative Care Initiative)


A map of Minnesota with some counties in the northeast highlighted

Challenge: The Northeast Minnesota Area Health Education Center (AHEC) was awarded a federal grant to expand and enhance palliative care practice and education at four rural sites in northern Minnesota. One of the grant projects was to create a website whose objectives are to facilitate knowledge sharing, facilitate education and training, support the recruitment and retention of health professionals in medically underserved areas, and serve as a link for regional and national resources.

Solution: A PallCI (Palliative Care Initiative) Website was developed to serve as a portal for preceptors and students to the course and training components of the initiative, to announce upcoming events for palliative care related events, and to provide a robust resource list that has been vetted by experts in the field.

Impact: Preceptors and learners involved in the initiative have access to learning materials and other palliative care resources. The greater public has access to a plethora of resources on palliative care and information about the Palliative Care Initiative. The website serves as a hub of information, current events, and news for the programs at the four member sites in northeast and central Minnesota.