Project: PallCI (Palliative Care Initiative)


A map of Minnesota with some counties in the northeast highlighted

Challenge: The Northeast Minnesota Area Health Education Center (AHEC) was awarded a federal grant to expand and enhance palliative care practice and education at four rural sites in northern Minnesota. One of the grant projects was to create a website whose objectives are to facilitate knowledge sharing, facilitate education and training, support the recruitment and retention of health professionals in medically underserved areas, and serve as a link for regional and national resources.

Solution: A PallCI (Palliative Care Initiative) Website was developed to serve as a portal for preceptors and students to the course and training components of the initiative, to announce upcoming events for palliative care related events, and to provide a robust resource list that has been vetted by experts in the field.

Impact: Preceptors and learners involved in the initiative have access to learning materials and other palliative care resources. The greater public has access to a plethora of resources on palliative care and information about the Palliative Care Initiative. The website serves as a hub of information, current events, and news for the programs at the four member sites in northeast and central Minnesota.


Very inspiring and helpful post. I am so glad to hear that AHEC is awarded. They deserve it.

Good to hear that AHEC's work is being acknowledged properly. Well, it's not only duty AHEC, other organizations should also come up with such kind of approach and do something special in this field. I've personally taken help of one organization for giving palliative care for my grandpa. Here's the link-

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