Art is...

Art is...

"Art" means different things to different people. In the School of Fine Arts at UMD, we seek NOT to choose any one definition; rather, we celebrate each interpretation and try to foster within our students the curiosity to discover what "art" means to them.

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Art is a unique way of viewing the ordinary.

art is a reflection of human nature and culture; the study of what it means to be human via continual evolving media, methods, forms, ideas and expressions ... even as you attach a definition to it, the evolution is in process and thus, the most lasting characteristic of art may be to defy definition.

Art is necessary.

...humanity's attempt to describe the divine.

Art is all of us.

Art is humanity.

Art has no bounds.

Art helps the world to see things in a different way.

Art is ordinary. Art is discourse. Art is making. Art is moving. Art is expressing. Art is personal. Art is a way of seeing, a way of speaking. Art is decoration. Art is experience. Art is invitation.

Art is a moment in time - a collaboration and reflection of wits through an infinite ambiance of the relevant.

art is any form of creative expression. vague, but true.. music, cooking, acting, welding, painting, sky-diving, you name it. your art is your art. "art" IS personal.

Art is an exception to the rule

art is design


Art is like a flower. You plant the seed, watch it grow, then watch it shrivel and die, then you take the remains and use it as compost to grow corn and beets.

Art is uncontrolled expression.

Art is like water; though it brings such dark rainy clouds over our heads as we struggle to better our means of communication, we need it to live

Art is an opportunity to put into the world what you see/think/feel/understand on the inside.

People often ask me what the purpose of my Art really is. What am I trying to convey or the emotion I'm trying too invoke is unknown, even to me. I think that's the point.

Art is purity. That's why when anyone does anything well it's called an Art.

what is art? art is the social record of what is aesthetically changing throughout time and space. it can not be challenged, questioned, or even broken. just creating this blog has changed how we will look at what art is. art is change. but who am i to say what art is.

Art is. Art was. Art will continue to be.

Art is that which cannot be described by words or even thoughts, but only feelings.

Art is expressing our primal urges in the most sophisticated way possible. Art is an explanation of the world more widely accepted than any science or religion. Art is a potpourri of life mixed with death, of extremes mixed into perfection. Art is so beautiful it can only be described in a poem so vivid it paints a picture in your mind so vibrant it flows like music so full of life you need to dance.

We are art.