March 23, 2005

Down the Rabbit Hole 4x32 J

32-bar Jig for a 4 Couple Set

Bars 1-8 [Mad Hatter's "Teapots"]
2s dance 3 hands across to the right (RH) and left (LH),
2s ending in center
[2W+1s and 2M+3s, then 2M+1s and 2W+3s].

Bars 9-16 [Red Queen's Croquet]
2s RH turn 3/4, and dance RS reels of 3 on own sides,
RS to 3rd corners to begin.

Bars 17-18 ["Drink Me!" . . .]
2s cast right and into center
[2W below 3s, and 2M above 1s].

Bars 19-22 [. . .]
2M+1s and 2W+3s dance 3 hands across (RH),
2s ending between their couple.

Bars 23-24 [. . .]
2s RH turn 3/4 to 2nd place.

Bars 25-26 [White Rabbit is Late]
1s set.

Bars 27-30 [Alice Pursues]
1M, followed by 1W, dances under arches to bottom
WHILE 2s+3s+4s step in, form BH arches, and slip-step up to sides.

Bars 31-32 [Alice Awakens]
1M pull back LS, and 1s LH turn 3/4 to 4th place.

Dance written and Copyright 2005 Helen Powell (leap [at]
Original tune by Helen Powell is available if you contact her by e-mail.

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March 11, 2005

Rice and Lefse 3x40 J

40-bar Jig for 3 couples

1-8   1C set, cast to 2nd place (2C step up on bars 3-4), dance down
between 3C, and cast up to 2nd place.

9-16   1C cross RH, cast to the right, and dance 3/4 the way around the
set to finish 1M between 2C facing down and 1W between 3C facing up
2C and 3C dance rights and lefts. All finish facing up and down in
lines of three across.

17-28   All dance 3-couple rights and lefts across the set.

29-32   All set, 2C and 3C turning to face partner on the 2nd bar.
1C petronella turn to 2nd place on own sides while 2C and 3C
cross RH with partner.

33-40   All dance diagonal rights and lefts to finish in the order 3C, 1C, 2C.

Repeat with a new top couple.

Devised Feb 2005 by Lara Friedman-Shedlov (ldfs [at]
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Suitable recorded music is available on the CD Performance Dancing with the Red Thistle Dancers, "Cathy's Jig" (track 10).

Although unorthodox, it has been noted that this progression technically will work as an 8x40 dance in traditional 4-couple longwise set, with the 1st couple stepping down to 4th place after the 2nd repetition. Since 8x40 jig recordings are a lot easier to come by than 3x40, feel free to dance it this way. Music for "The Express" was recommended by at least one person who tried this.

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