June 8, 2005

Just a Lark 64 R

64 bar Reel for 2 Couples in a 2-couple set

Danced as a Medley with
Bars 1-32 as English Country Dance and
Bars 33-64 as Scottish Country Dance,
or else done with both halves the same.

1-2    1M smoothly step LEFT advancing, then 1W (reach out Left foot, close with Right foot)

3-4    1s 1/2 turn BH and face down with NH joined; 2s face up on Bar 4

5-6    2s smoothly step RIGHT advancing, then 1s (dropping hands)

7-8    All turn 3/4 LH (Women finish back-to-back in center)

9-16    All LS hey [reel] for 4 across the set

17-18   All Skip right advancing, then left advancing
[for SCD do Skip Change]

19-20    Men (in center) turn 1/2 RH, while Women set pulling back RS to face in

21-22    All skip right advancing, then left advancing

23-24    All cast back over RS (skip, to face partner down/up side lines)

25-32    All poussette half way, down/up and counter-clockwise
(Men start on Left foot, with Push).

All turn twice and retire facing partner down/up
[SCD: omit turns, poussette takes longer].

2M do NOT change feet before continuing

33-64    Repeat Bars 1-32 with 2s as the active couple,
from new positions oriented up/down.

Note: at Bar 36, all will be 90 degrees rotated clockwise from position at Bar 1.

Suggested Tune: "Just a Lark". The sheet music (PDF or ABC format) is available upon request from the deviser.

Tune and Dance written and Copyright 2005 Helen Powell (leap [at] mindspring.com)

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