November 26, 2005

The Founder 8x32 S


32 bar strathspey for 3 couples

1-8    1st couple dance a full figure of eight down through and around 2nd couple.

9-16   1st and 2nd couples dance the targe progression:
9-10: partners turn 3/4 to form a momentary line up and down the center of
the dance.
11-12: 1M2W turn 3/4 in the center while 1W & 2M dance clockwise around them
to form a momentary line of four across the dance.
13-14: partners turn 3/4 to finish on the sides of the dance, 1C on the
women's side facing down, 2C on the men's side facing up.
15-16: all four chase one place clockwise to progressed places.

17-24   The corners face in on the diagonal and set for eight bars, except when being turned by 1C. (1cor will set, turn, and set twice while 2cor will set for six bars before they turn.)
1C set, advancing toward 1st corners.
1C turn 1cor with both hands, 1W finishing between 2C, 1M finishing between
3C, 1cor return to facing diagonally.
1C, facing each other up and down, set, advancing toward 2nd corners.
1C turn 2cor with both hands, finishing on the sides facing toward 1cor.

25-32   All dance reels of three on the sides of the dance, 1C giving LS to 1cor to begin the reel. 1C cross to own sides on 31-32.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

This dance is for Gini Grover of Binghamton, NY.

Music: any good strathspey. I like to use the version of The Royal Wedding
by George Meikle, on Highlander Socttish Dances Vol 10. In addition to being
another Royal Wedding reference, it has a different feel than other versions
of this dance.

Devised by Terry Glasspool (tglasspool [at]

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