April 5, 2007

Timbit for George OR After a Hangover 4x32 S


32-bar Strathspey for 4 couples in a longwise set

1-8     1s 2s and 3s dance parallel reels of three on the sides, 1st and 2nd women, also 1st and 2nd men passing right shoulders to start; at the end, 2nd man and 3rd woman stay facing out

9-16     2s, 3s and 4s dance parallel reels of three on the sides, 3rd and 4th women, also 3rd and 4th men passing right shoulders to start; at the end, 2nd and 4th men, and 3rd woman stay facing out

17-24     connected reels of four on the sides: all begin a reel of four on the sides; on the second step, as all others continue the reel, 1st woman and 4th man change sides, passing left shoulders, 1st woman going into second place on the men's side, ready to dance up, while 4th man goes to third place on the women's side, ready to dance down; continue in this way, on each even numbered step, a pair of
dancers "connect" the reels by changing sides; 2nd woman and 3rd man cross on the fourth step, 4th woman and 1st man on the sixth step, and 3rd woman and 2nd man on the eighth step; once having crossed, dancers complete the reel on the opposite side; at the end, all are on opposite sides, in order 4-3-2-1; 4th man (at top) and 1st woman stay facing out

25-28     4s and 1s dance clockwise halfway round, while 3s and 2s set and cross to own sides, giving right hands in passing

29-32     middles facing ends on each side (i.e., 1st man with 3rd woman, etc), set and change places giving right hands in passing.

The final order is 3-1-4-2; repeat from new places.

Notes: 1. The first half of this dance is the same as that of George Ogilvie's dance Hangover, which I've admired ever since I found it. George's dance is a reel, and this one could be danced in quick time (I think I would prefer jig) or as a medley (e.g., 2x32S + 2x32J - the Dewar set for Johnnie Walker would do), once the pattern
is well known.

2. In case any non-Canadian ever reads this, "timbit" is the name given to doughnut centres at Canada's best known coffee and doughnut chain, Tim Horton's. Bars 17-24 are a slight variation of one of the "covalent" reels of four in Tim Conrow's dance Covalence; this is the timbit.

3. All need impeccable phrasing in the reels of four; third woman and second man will need a long step at the end, to finish facing partners.

Tune: Strathaven Way, by A. M. Laird
Suitable recording: George Washington Bridge set on Bobby Brown's Celtic Fire discs

Devised by Peter McClure (joptmc [at] cc.umanitoba.ca), Winnipeg, MB, March 2007, for George Ogilvie of

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