April 5, 2007

Timbit for Janis 4x32 S


32-bar Strathspey for 4 couples, in a longwise set;

1-8     1s 2s and 3s dance mirror reels of three on the sides, 1s dancing
in and down and 2s dancing out and up to start; at the end, 2s stay facing out

9-16     2s, 3s and 4s dance mirror reels of three on the sides, 4s
dancing out and up, and 3s dancing in and down to start; at the end, 2s and 4s stay facing out

17-24     "covalent" mirror reels of four on the sides: begin mirror reels of four on the sides, a right shoulder reel on the men's side and a left shoulder reel on the women's side; on the second step, 4s cross up to second place on the opposite side as all others take the second step of the reel; continue in this way, on the fourth step 3s cross up, on the sixth step, 1s cross up, and on the last step, 2s cross up; once having crossed, dancers complete the reel on the opposite side; at the end, dancers are in the original order, all on opposite sides; 4s stay facing out

25-28     1s dance down the centre below 3s, divide and cast up to third place, while 4s dance up behind the lines to above 2s, then meet and dance down to second place, where they face out; on bars 27-28, 2s step up, while 3s step down and face out

29-32     2s with 4s, also 1s with 3s, dance half a double figure of eight (2s and 1s cross down to start).

The final order is 2-4-1-3; repeat from new places.

Notes: 1. In case any non-Canadian ever reads this, "timbit" is the name given to doughnut centres at Canada's best known coffee and doughnut chain, Tim Horton's. The reels in bars 17-24 are the "covalent" mirror reels of four in Tim Conrow's dance Covalence; this is the timbit.

2. At the time of writing, Janis Platts, one of our most faithful and enthusiastic dancers, is battling a severe illness In the midst of it all, she is still keen on coffee and a doughnut from Tim's.

3. All need impeccable phrasing in the reels of four.

4. 1s and 4s anticipate, and use long steps during bars 25-26, so that 1s are below 3s and dancing out, while 4s are above 2s and dancing in, by the end of bar 26

5. Except for the last repetition of the dance, 4s should stay facing out in second place at the end, ready for the new repetition.

Tune: Strathaven Way, by A. M. Laird
Suitable recording: George Washington Bridge set on Bobby Brown's Celtic Fire discs

Devised by Peter McClure (joptmc [at] cc.umanitoba.ca), Winnipeg, MB, March 2007, for Janis Platts of Winnipeg.

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