November 8, 2007

De’il Amang the Gaylors 8x32 R

32-bar Reel for 4 couples in a 6- or 8-couple set

          2W 2M 4W 4M 6W 6M ( 8W 8M )
          1M 1W 3M 3W 5M 5W ( 7M 7W )

1-8     1C & 2C, and 3C & 4C: Set, RH across halfway, set, LH across halfway

9-12     1C & 4C diagonal rights and lefts halfway

13-16     2C & 3C diagonal rights and lefts halfway

17-24     All: Cross RH with opposite, set to opposite, change places LH with partner, set to partner.

25-32     Eight hands round and back

During the second repetition, 1C and 2C dance with 5C and 6C, while 3C and 4C stand out at the top.

In a six-couple set: during the third repetition 3C and 4C dance with 5C and 6C while 1C and 2C stand out at the bottom, then the pattern repeats three more times.

In an eight couple set, the progression of couples resembles the progression of individuals in a normal 8-person set.

Suitable music: De'il Amang the Tailors

Devised by Mike Briggs (briggslaw [at], 2007, for Ian and the rest of the Gaylor clan of Madison,

Posted by ldfs at November 8, 2007 3:53 PM

We danced this in class in Brisbane, Queensland on Monday 23 June. It was great fun and the class really enjoyed the sameness/ difference to the dance it was based on. We did it in an 8 couple set and it worked beautifully.

Posted by: Denise Smith at June 25, 2008 8:08 AM
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