March 28, 2007

Miss Anne Aldred's Strathspey 3x32 S


A 3x 32 bar dance for three couples in a triangular set

Note: The working ‘couple’ are the man in 2nd posn and the lady in 3rd posn.
It is important that the reels are danced along the lines of the triangle and don’t degenerate into reels of three in a longwise set.

1 – 4     Second man and third lady set advancing and half turn with right hand, retain hands and then:

5 – 8     Second man and third lady dance up between first couple cross and cast ready to enter reels of three, second man with second lady and first man, third lady with third man and first lady.

9 – 14     All dance six bar reels of three (second man start by giving left shoulder to second lady; third lady giving right shoulder to third man. (Third lady/second man end between supporters facing partner).

15-16     First couple, having completed the six bar reel, stand for two bars while 2s/3s half turn ptnr (2s left hand and 3s right hand).

17 – 20     First and second couples set to each other dance half right hands across to end with first couple (in second place) facing threes.

21 - 24     First and third couples set to each other and dance half right hands across (to end with 1s in 3rd place and 3s in 2nd place).

25 – 32     All dance six hands round and back.

Repeat from new places.

Music: McMarley’s Cross

Devised by Andy Stone, July 2006 (petros103 [at]

This dance was devised by Andy Stone of Glen Mor Scottish Country Dance Group of Worthing, West Sussex (with advice from the Group’s teacher – Mrs Natalie Coviello) in memory of his late wife Anne Patou Stone (nee Aldred). Anne’s middle name – Patou – was given her in the Scottish tradition, being her mother’s maiden name. Her maternal grandfather (Frederick Patou) served with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. As a young woman both before and during her marriage, Anne loved dancing and was both a proficient ballroom and Scottish Country dancer.

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