May 9, 2007

All In 4x32 R


32-bar Reel for 4 couples in a square set

1 - 8     All circle left and right

9 - 24    All dance Schiehallion Reels (ladies cast into their partners position to begin)

25 - 28      All set twice to your partner

29 - 32      All birl one place to the right (use elbow grip)

Do not get too carried away - you need to be ready to go straight into the circle.

Devised by Martin Campbell-Colquhoun (martincc [at], Adelaide, Australia. Originally published in the Piping Shrike, Adelaide Branch RSCDS.

The dance is called "All In" as it is a term often heard in SCD and also as everyone is dancing non stop, and finally because some of the less agile dancers are 'all in' when it finishes.

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Contra Temp Reel 8x48 Reel


48-bar reel for 2-couples in a 4-couple set

1-8     The dance begins with the first couples crossing down between the second couples in a full figure of eight movement. The second couples stand still.
9-12     All couples back to back (do-si-do) by the right shoulder.
13-16     All couples full right hand turn.
17-24     The second couples now cross up between the first couples in a full figure 8 movement.
25-28     All back to back (do-si-do) by the left shoulder.
29-32     All couples full left hand turn.
33-36     In your groups of four, right hand star once around.
37-40     Take left hands and star a full turn until you are back to place.
41-48     First man and his lady cross over , skip to bottom and swing, meanwhile all other dancers step up one place then swing.

The dance starts again with the new top couple being a couple one and every other couple is also a first couple.

Music: 48-bar reel, medium pace

Devised by Martin Colquhoun (martincc [at], 10/02/2001 , Adelaide, Australia

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