June 15, 2007

See You in Arran 8x32 R


32-bar reel for 3 couples in a 4-couple set

1 - 8     1st + 2nd couples dance Set and Rotate*:
Both couples, facing diagonally, set.
Turning right about, they chase round clockwise one place to face partners up and down the set.
They change places with partner, giving right hands, and continue to chase round clockwise one place further.
1st couple end up in 2nd place own side, facing down.
9 – 16     Reels of three on the sidelines 1st couple giving left shoulders to 3rd couple. At the end dancing couple pass right shoulder to face 1st corners.
17 – 24     Turn 1st corner right hand and pass partner right to face 3rd corner (= partners 1st corner).
Turn 3rd corner left hand, and pass partner left to end up facing 2nd corner. Corners dance 4 bars.
25 – 32     Turn 2nd corner right hand and pass partner right to face 4th corner (= partners 2nd corner).
Turn 4th corners left hand, pass partner left shoulder and dance a loop into 2nd place own sides.

Repeat from new positions

*NOTE: ?Set and Rotate? normally begins with couples joining nearer hands on the sidelines, but I prefer this variation with couples facing diagonally (not joining hands) as described in “The Westminster Reel?.

Devised by Martina Mueller-Franz (mcmuellerfranz [at] aol.com) . This dance is dedicated to Christine Hastie and Maggie Westley and all the other people, who helped to organise this great weekend. What a good idea to organise a dancing event at the Isle of Arran!

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