October 29, 2007

Irish Bride 8x32 S

8x32 Strathspey for three couples in a 4-couple longwise set

1-2     1st couple turn by the right
3-4     Cast behind own lines into second place (2’s step up)
5-6     1’s, 2’s, and 3’s take hands along sides and set.
7-8     All turn partner by the right finishing in Allemande hold 1’s and 3’s facing up the set, 2’s facing down the set in a line ready to reel. (2's need only turn half way to face down the set.)
9-16     Left shoulder reel of three (in 6 bars) on bars 7 and 8 each couple retires from Allemande hold and back to proper side.
17-24     1st woman dances down the set while 2nd couple casts from first place behind own lines and meet 1st woman at the bottom of the set (4 bars), (1st man step up on bars 3 and 4) ; the 1st woman and 2nd couple “triumph? back to the top of the set. 2’s present 1st woman to 1st man (4 bars).
25-32     1st couple turns both hands twice around in four bars. (2nd couple retires to place). Then, 1st and 2nd couples take waltz hold and dance a strathspey pousette (4 bars).

1st couple repeats having progressed a place.

Devised 2007 by James Mungall (jeb_mungall [at] yahoo.com) for his fiancee Emily Murphy (despite the fact she doesn't Scottish Country Dance.)

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October 2, 2007

Shoplifting Seagulls 16S + 16R

16 bar strathspey, 16 bar reel medley for three couples


1-8     (Casing the store) : First couple set and cast into second place, 2C step up on bars 3 & 4. 1L dance half figure of eight up around 2M to finish in second place on opposite side while 1M dance half figure of eight around 3L to finish in second place on opposite side.

9-16     (Sneaking up on the chips): Second, first and third couples set, advance, retire and set (hands joined on the side)


17-24     (Snatching the chips and running away): 1C turn 3/4 with right hands in two bars (the snatch), then dance six bar reels of three across the set (the getaway), 1M with 2C (begins with 1M passing 2L right shoulder) and 1L with 3C (begins with 1L passing 3M right shoulder). 1C finish in second place on own sides.

25-32     (Seagulls rip open the bag and all devour the chips): Second, first and third couples dance the "Grand Slam" as in Kelso Races (2C, 1C, 3C, with hands joined on the side, advance, with 2C and 3C advancing on the diagonal so the couples collapse into a circle, then retire to place, then all three couples turn partner once round with the right hand)

Inspired by Sam, the Shoplifting Seagull of Aberdeen, seen in this (and other) videos:

Visualize the bag of Doritos in second place in the center of the set.

Devised by Lee Fuell (flyingghillies [at] rscdscincinnati.org), Flying Ghillies Scottish Country Dancers, Dayton, OH, USA.

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