November 8, 2007

De’il Amang the Gaylors 8x32 R

32-bar Reel for 4 couples in a 6- or 8-couple set

          2W 2M 4W 4M 6W 6M ( 8W 8M )
          1M 1W 3M 3W 5M 5W ( 7M 7W )

1-8     1C & 2C, and 3C & 4C: Set, RH across halfway, set, LH across halfway

9-12     1C & 4C diagonal rights and lefts halfway

13-16     2C & 3C diagonal rights and lefts halfway

17-24     All: Cross RH with opposite, set to opposite, change places LH with partner, set to partner.

25-32     Eight hands round and back

During the second repetition, 1C and 2C dance with 5C and 6C, while 3C and 4C stand out at the top.

In a six-couple set: during the third repetition 3C and 4C dance with 5C and 6C while 1C and 2C stand out at the bottom, then the pattern repeats three more times.

In an eight couple set, the progression of couples resembles the progression of individuals in a normal 8-person set.

Suitable music: De'il Amang the Tailors

Devised by Mike Briggs (briggslaw [at], 2007, for Ian and the rest of the Gaylor clan of Madison,

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November 2, 2007

Examination Fever 8x32 J

32-bar Jig for 3 couples set in a 4-couple longwise set

1–8     1st and 3rd couples dance a double figure of eight around standing 2nd couple, 1st couple crossing down and 3rd couple dance up to begin.
1st couple ends up with nearer hand joined in the middle of the set (facing down), while 2nd couple steps in on bar 8, nearer hands joined facing up.

9–16     1st and 2nd couples dance a “Half Rondel?:
    9-10     1st couple dance under an arch made by 2nd couple, to change places
    11-12     2nd and 1st couples change sides, women passing in front of the men
    13-14    2nd and 1st couples set on the sidelines
    15-16    2nd and 1st couples cross back to own sides, giving left hands.

17–20     All three couples dance six hands to the right for six slip steps and then, on bar 20, cross left foot over the right (releasing hands) and pivot round to face out pulling right shoulder back.

21-24     2nd, 1st and 3rd couples chase round clockwise back to own sides.
On bar 24 3rd lady and 2nd man end up facing out, ready to start the Reel (in the opposite direction).

25–32     2nd, 1st and 3rd couples dance a “Reel of Three? on own sides.
1st man starts dancing in and up, while 1st lady dances in and down.

Repeat, having passed a couple

Devised by Martina Mueller-Franz (mcmuellerfranz [at], 02. August 2007. This dance is dedicated to a number of friends (in alphabetic order): Eva-Maria Beckmann, Antje Böttcher, Birgit Frie, Gabrielle Funhoff, Chris Houston-Dewilde, Dirk Kölbl, Daniéle Landrieau, Luitgard Merkens, Anika McGregor, Birgit Röhricht, Antoine Rousseau, Thomas Stork, Sjoerd van Leersum, Iryna Zhurakovska and Claudia Zyla, who attended different Units of the RSCDS Teaching Certificate in Summer and Autumn 2007.

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Dancing on Water 4x32 S

32-bar Strathspey for a 4 couple longwise set

2 chords – couples 3 and 4 start from opposite sides

1-4     1st couple cross right hand and cast off one place
while 4th couple cross right hand and cast up one place.
2nd and 3rd couples step up/down on bars 3-4.

5-8     2nd + 3rd couples set + cross over right hands to opposite sides (and face in)
while 1st and 4th couples (in the middle places) set + link to change places (keep facing the direction they are coming).
All 4 couples may give hands on the sidelines while setting.

9-12     4th and 1st couples (= middle couples) dance a full right hands across.
At the end 4th couple face up to 2nd couple (which is in top place), and 1st couple faces down to 3rd couple (in bottom place).

13-16     All turn left hands once round (2nd man + 4th lady; 2nd lady + 4th man; 1st man + 3rd lady; 1st lady + 3rd man).

17-24     4th and 1st couple (still middle couples) dance a full “Men’s Chain?.

25-28     2nd couple dance a ½ figure of eight down around 4th couple,
while 3rd couple dance a ½ figure of eight up around 1st couple. (Start by crossing up or down.)

29-32     All four couples turn partner both hands one round.

New order is now: 2 4 1 3

Repeat 3 more times from new places

Devised by Martina Mueller-Franz (mcmuellerfranz [at], 31. May 2007. This dance was first tried out during a small occasion in Beelen (near Muenster, Germany) in June 2007. We used a small room adjacent to the organiser's house. I subsequently learned that the wooden floor covers their former small indoor swimming pool. This inspired me to call this dance: “Dancing on Water?.

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