September 24, 2008

Ladebraes 4x32 S


32 bar Strathspey for 4 couples in a 4-couple longwise set

2 Chords – on the second chord 3rd and 4th couples cross over with partner

1- 4    Taking hands on the sides, all set and turn partner both hands once round, to melt into:

5- 6     1st couple with 2nd couple and 3rd couple with 4th couple four hands round to the left halfway, finishing out on the sidelines.

7- 8     2nd and 3rd couples cross over with partners giving right hands, while 1st and 4th couples ½ turn partner right hands to finish in promenade hold (men have partners on their right) 1st couple facing 2nd woman and 4th couple facing 3rd woman.

9-12     1st and 4th couples ½ diagonal reel of four with 2nd and 3rd women. 1st and 4th couples pass each other right shoulder at the end to finish 1st couple facing 2nd man and 4th couple pacing 3rd man.

13-16     1st and 4th couples ½ diagonal reel of four with the 2nd and 3rd men. At the end, 1st and fourth couple approach the other couple dropping hands with partner at the end of bar 16 to finish in promenade hold 1st and with 4th woman facing out the women's side and 1st woman with 4th man facing out the men's side.

17-20     ½ reels of three on the sidelines. To begin, 1st man & 4th woman give right shoulder to 2nd man and 1st woman & 4th man give right shoulder to 3rd man to begin. At the end of bar 20, 1st and 4th couples drop hands finish in promenade hold with own partners, 1st couple facing out the men's side and 4th couple facing out the women's side.

21-24     ½ reels of three across the dance. To begin, 1st couple pass 3rd man left shoulder and 4th couple pass 2nd man left shoulder. At the end of bar 24, 1st and 4th couples approach each other again.

25-28     1st and 4th couple dance right hands across once round, finishing by retaining hold of partner's right hand ready for:

29-32     1st couple lead down, crossing below 3rd couple and cast up into 3rd place opposite sides, while 4th couple lead up crossing above 2nd couple and cast off in to 2nd place own sides.

Finish in the order 2 4 1 3.

Devised by Duncan Brown, Chudleigh, Devon, UK (duncanqlnbrown [at]

Tune: "Compliments to Ian Powrie" (Angus Fitchet), The Music of Angus Fitchet, Volume 1, published by National Association of Accordian and Fiddle Clubs. Suitable recorded music is any good 4 x 32 strathspey (trad type ones).

Notes: Ladebraes in St Andrews, Scotland is a short cut between South Street and the Boys Brigade Hall used by dancers 'in the know' on the long walk to the hall. Ladebraes was one of the possible titles of The Chequered Court when I wrote it in 2001. However, I decided that Ladebraes sounded like a strathspey rather than a quick time dance, so here is the dance to go with the title!

UPDATE: Tune information was updated on 20 October 2008

Posted by ldfs at September 24, 2008 4:12 PM

A nice flowing dance - lots of fun if you enjoy reels.

Posted by: Wouter Joubert at October 1, 2008 5:59 AM

This was greatly enjoyed by our class, Milton, in Queensland, Australia. We really enjoyed the flow of the reels which are reminiscent of 'The Bees of Maggieknockater'.
Thanks Duncan. We'll try your 'Tribute to Fred......' next.

Posted by: Denise Smith at October 22, 2008 1:02 AM
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