May 25, 2008

Old Ba' Game 4x32 R


32 bar Reel for 4 couples in a longwise set

1-8     1C and 3C dance fig. 8 down, 1C around 2C and 3 around 4C. Finish side by side in the center of the set, facing down, 1C between 2C and 3C between 4C.

9-16     In lines across the dance, 1C with 2C, and 3C with 4C, dance down, pull back right shoulder and dance back up. 2C and 4C dance into their original places.

17-20     1C dance up to first place and cast off around 2C, into third place, while 3C dance up the middle into 1st place.

21-24    3C with 2C, and 1C with 4C, dance right hands across. All couples finish in center ready for poussette.

25-3    3C with 2C, and 1C with 4C poussette. Should finish in order 2,3,4,1.

Repeat 3 times.

Good music: Duke of Perth encore, Terpsichore, Caledonian Muse, or any good pipe tune.

Devised by Ellen Ternes (ellenter [at], after reading a wonderful feature in the Washington Post about the Christmas Ba' game on Kirkwall, Orkney, to evoke the up and down energy of the event. I called it Uppies and Doonies until I found out there was already a dance by that name. So I stole the Post headline, The Old Ba' Game.

UPDATED 19 December 2011 (Corrections and clarifications)

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