August 30, 2008

200 King Street North 8x32 J


32-bar jig for two couples in a three- or four-couple longways set

1-4     1C dance half figure of eight around 2C to finish on opposite sides.

5-8     1M dance in and down to face 2W while 1W dance in and down to face 2M (1C are back to back; 1C and 2C are in line across the set). All set on bars 7 and 8.

9-16     1C and 2C dance a reel of four across the set, finishing where the reel began (line across the dance, 1M facing 2W and 1W facing 2M).

17-24     All set. On bars 19-22, 1C dance out the set below the person they are facing (1M passing 2W left shoulder and 1W passing 2M right shoulder) and cast up to first place on opposite sides. 1C half- turn with right hands to finish facing up in promenade hold. 2C step in and take promenade hold on bar 24.

25-32     1C and 2C dance the allemande.

Devised by Donald L. Fuell, Jr. (fuell [at] and Patty Lindsay. 200 King Street North is the address of the King Street Residence, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, ON, Canada, used as the residence hall for the Teachers’ Association (Canada) Summer School in 2008, where this dance was devised.

©2008, Donald L. Fuell, Jr. and Patricia A. Lindsay. May be reproduced for instructional purposes.

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