June 16, 2009

The Falls of Lana 8x32 R


32-bar reel for 3 couples in a 4-couple longwise set

1 - 8    1st woman, followed closely by her partner, casts behind 2nd woman, dances across the set, casts around 3rd man, and dances up the center to finish facing her first corner. 1st man finishes facing his first corner.1 2nd couple steps up on bars 7 and 8.

9 - 16     Set to corners and partner. On bar 15, 1st couple sets to each other up and down the set and on bar 16 sets advancing and turns right about to finish back-to-back in the center of set, 1st man facing up and 1st woman facing down.2

17 - 24     Right-shoulder reels of three across the set in six bars (17-22). 1st couple begins the reels by passing right shoulder with the person on their right (1st man with 2nd woman and 1st woman with 3rd man). 1st couple ends the reels with 1st couple in the center, right shoulder to right shoulder facing opposite sides. On bars 23 and 24, 1st couple turn ¾ with right hands to second place on own sides.

25 - 32     2nd, 1st, 3rd couples dance six hands round and back.

Devised 2009 by Lee Fuell and Patty Lindsay (fuell [at] mindspring.com)

Recommended recorded music: "Shetland Reels," Track 2 from Steppin' Out by John Taylor and Andrew Imbrie

The Falls of Lana are near Salisbury, Addison County, Vermont, USA and are easily accessible if you don't mind scrambling over some rocks uphill along a pipeline. The view is worth the trouble, as is Silver Lake if you continue up the trail for another hour or so and 500+ feet elevation. See photos of the Falls of Lana here.

Bars 1-8 represent the trail to Silver Lake, 9-16 greeting other hikers on the trail, 17-24 the tumbling and roiling waters of Sucker Creek over the falls, and 25-32 is Silver Lake at the top.

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