September 29, 2010

As Cedar Falls, So Falls Waterloo 4x32 J


32-bar jig for 4 couples in a square set

1-4    1st cpl dances symmetrical back-to-backs with their corners. (1st woman and her corner dance a back-to-back giving right shoulder; 1st man and his corner dance a back-to-back giving left shoulder)

5-8    1st cpl, taking nearer hands, advances solo toward opposite cpl (3rd cpl). 1st cpl and 3rd cpl "high five". 1st cpl retires.

9 - 12    1st man dances left hands across with the cpl on his left (2nd cpl) while the 1st woman dances right hands across with the cpl on her right (4th cpl).

13 - 16    1st woman crosses in front of first man to turn opposite woman (3rd woman) by the right; first man crosses to turn opposite man (3rd man) by the left.

17 - 20    1st woman crosses in front of first man to dance out between 4th cpl, while 1st man crosses to dance out between 2nd cpl.

20 - 24    The 1st cpl meet back home and turn by the right.

25 - 32    Eight hands round and back.

On the second repetition, the 2nd cpl dances symmetrical back-to-backs, etc.
On the third repetition, the 3rd cpl dances symmetrical back-to-backs, etc.
On the fourth repetition, the 4th cpl dances symmetrical back-to-backs, etc.

NOTE: At the end of bar 6, 1st couple uses their free (outer) hands to "high five" the opposite couple. This hand is the hand used for the hands across figure and the turn on bars 9-16. The 1st man uses left hand for both figures, and the 1st woman uses right hand.

Devised by Doug Schneider (ParadiseMO [at] for Lee and Karen Potter; September 2010

Posted by ldfs at September 29, 2010 9:04 AM

I don't think "High Five" is defined in any formations list I've seen :-)

Posted by: Andrew Buxton at October 5, 2010 3:06 AM


In the USA in the 1930's, it was believed that whatever political party won the state elections in the state of Maine would be the party that won the Presidential elections the same year. Someone came up with the saying "As Maine goes, so goes the nation."

So, the saying indicates a bellwether condition. The elections in Maine no longer predict the national elections, but the saying has proved a productive one for American journalists and for headlines.

Looking on the Internet, I see:

As Alcoa goes, so goes the U.S. recovery
As the home goes, so goes the church
As China goes, so goes the world
As Jed Lowrie goes, so goes the Boston Red Sox
As Verizon goes, so goes metered billing


Lee and Karen Potter live in Cedar Falls, Iowa. They built a dance floor in the basement of their home, and held a party to inaugurate the floor (and celebrate their 1st anniversary). This dance was written for the party.

Hence the pun: As Cedar Falls..... Falls is really a noun, but when you put it in this structure, it becomes a verb.


We have numerous instances of cities in the United States that are so close to another city that they get hyphenated. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Fargo-Moorhead, Cedar Falls-Waterloo.

Typically, the people who live in the first of the hyphenated cities do not want to be associated with the people who live in the second hyphenated city. And vice versa.

So, I am teasing Lee and Karen by putting Waterloo in the title of the dance.

Sorry, it takes longer to explain the title than to teach the dance...

Posted by: Doug Schneider at May 24, 2011 9:38 AM
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