December 19, 2011

Graduation Reel 8x40 R

40-bar reel for 3 couples in a longwise set

1-8    1C dance below 2C, cast up to 1st place. 1C dance below 3C and cast to 2nd placeon own sides. 2C step up on bars 7-8.

9-12     2C, 1C, 3C dance half reels across, 1L with 3C, 1M with 2C. 1C give right shoulder to their second corners to begin. 1C finish in 2nd place on opposite sides, 1L facing up, 1M facing down.

13-16     2C, 1C, 3C dance half left shoulder reels on the sides, 1C give left shoulder to person in their first corner position. 1C pass left shoulder in center to end back to back, facing their partner's first corner position. (Their first corner person will be there.) 2C, 3C dance a loop to finish the reel.

17-24     1C set to first corner, partner, 2nd corner, partner. On bar 8, 1C sets advancing to the right, to finish back to back in center, facing their own first corner positions.

25-32     Corners pass and twirl. 1C dance pattern of corners pass and turn to finish in 2nd place on own sides. 1st corners change places with turn and twirl - dance into center, turn RH half way, turn right about (twirl) and dance out to progressed positions (having changed places.) 2nd corners repeat.

33-40    2C, 1C, 3C circle hands around and back.

Suitable music: Waverley Station, First Stop, 8x40 reels

Devised by Ellen Ternes (ellenter [at] in celebration of the first graduating seniors of RSCDS@UMD, University of Maryland, especially Chris Tabisz and Gabi Kocerha, who got this awesome group started with their imagination, dedication, and unbeatable Terp spirit. Fear the Kilt!

Posted by ldfs at December 19, 2011 10:34 AM
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