August 9, 2011

Just a Dozen 6x40 R


40-bar reel for two 3-couple sets, side by side

1-4    1st couple in both sets, lead down (right hands) to cross below 3rd couple, cast up to 2nd place on opposite sides.

5-8    1st couples, 1st woman with 3rd couple, 1st man with 2nd couple, dance right hands across. Finish facing 3rd corners.

9-16    1st couples half reel of four with 3rd corners, pass right shoulders, then half reel of four with 4th corners. 1st couples again pass right shoulders, to finish facing inwards in 2nd place on opposite sides.

17-24    1st couples from the two sets dance full reel of four across the sets. Meanwhile, 3rd and 2nd couples set to partner, turn right hand with partners right round, and dance ½ reels of four across the sets.2nd and 3rd couples are now in the opposite set, in 3rd and 1st places, on own sides.

25-30    1st couples cross right hands with partner, then cast to their right, man around 3rd man to dance in the top of the set, and the woman around 2nd woman to dance in the bottom of the set.

31-32    Both 1st couples dance right hands across, half way round.

33-34    1st couples retain right hands in the star, and join left hands with the dancers in the 'inside' lines of the two sets. 1st men will join with 2nd man or woman (in 3rd place), 1st women will join with 3rd man or woman (in 2nd place). These dancers all set. (Fig. 1)

35-40    All drop hands. In the left hand set (viewed from the top), 1st man followed by his partner dance down, across below 2nd couple (in 3rd place), cast up one place on the ladies side, and the man crosses to 2nd place on his own side. In the right hand set, 1st woman followed by her partner dance up, across above 3rd couple (in 1st place), cast off on the men's side, and the woman dances crosses to 2nd place on her own side. (Fig. 2)

All finish in the opposite set, in order 3, 1, 2. Repeat from new places.

Justadozenfig1.jpg Justadozenfig2.jpg

Suggested recorded music: Suggested Music: 'Red House Revisited', Vallin Suite 1, Track 1. (Neil Barron)

Devised by Jeffery Green ( [at]

UPDATE: Bars 25-30 corrected 13 October 2011

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August 3, 2011

The Red Squirrel 4x32 S


32-bar Strathspey for 4 couples in a 4-couple set

1 - 4    1st couple set, turn with both hands finish in the middle facing down.
5 - 8    1st couple dance down 1 place and turn with both hands to 1st corner, 2nd couple step up on bars 5 & 6
9 - 12    Highland Schottische Setting with 1st corners
13 - 16    1st couple turn their 1st corner with right hand, partner with left hand to finish facing 2nd corner
17 - 20    Highland Schottische Setting with 2nd corners
21 - 24    1st couple turn their 2nd corner with right hand, partner with left to finish in the middle facing up
25- 28    1st couple cast off 2 places, 3rd and 4th couple step up on bars 27 & 28
29- 32    1st couple turn with both hands 1 ½ times

Finish in the order 2341

Recommended recorded music: "The Fair Maid of Perth" by Jim Cameron and his Scottish Dance Band from the album The Duke & Duchess of Edinburgh.

Devised by Sybille Spägele (macrudi [at], June 2011. Dedicated to Jim Rae of Lockerbie

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August 2, 2011

Redfoot's Ramble 4x32 S


32-bar Strathspey for 4 couples in a 4-couple set

1-8     1C lead down the middle and up, the other three couples creating arches (virtual).

9-12     1C turn by the RH 1 ½ times moving down between the 2C so 1W faces 2M and 1M faces 2W

13-16     1C and 2C dance a half reel of four, 2C dancing up into first place at the end and 1C turning down by the RH to between 3C

17-20     1C & 3C repeat 13-16, 3C finishing on opp. side in 2nd place, 1C moving down to between 4C

21-24     1C & 4C repeat 13-16, 4C dancing up to 3rd place opposite side, 1C turning RH to finish on opposite side.

25-32     All four couples on opposite sides, join nearer hands on the side and advance and retire (one step each) twice, then turn partner w/both hands once and a half t finish on own side progressed.

Note: Bars 9 through 24 are the figure known as the "spurtle".

Tune: "Morlan Fancy" by Linda Lieberman

Devised by Linda Lieberman (lindasuzan [at] assisted by the Monday night Scottish dancers at St. Luke's church, Des Moines, Iowa.This dance is dedicated to Paige Morlan and Jonathan Rothfus on the occasion of their marriage, Saturday, July 23, 2011. We wish them all the best as they start their new life together.

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