April 12, 2012

Heathery Breeze 4x32 S

32-bar Strathspey for 4 couples in a 4-couple set

1-8     1s dance Mirror Crossover Reel of Three finishing in partner's original place

9-10     1s cross down to second position own sides facing out while 2s continue reeling to finish in top position

11-12     1s turn 3s halfway on the sidelines, men by LH, ladies by RH

13-16     1M dances down between 4s and casts up and around 4L to finish in the center facing up while 1L dance up between 3s and casts down and around 3M to finish in the center facing down. 1s are back to back

17-24     1s circle three hands round to the left, 1M with 3s, 1L with 4s, cross up/down to circle three hands round to the right, 1L with 3s, 1M with 4s, 1s finishing in third position opposite sidelines, 1M facing up, 1L facing down

25-30     Reels of three on opposite sides in six bars, begin passing facing person by right shoulder, 1s finish back in third position facing down

31-32     1s cross down to fourth position own sides while 4s continue reeling to finish in third position

Devised by Bob Davidson (piobbeag [at] aol.com) after listening to a tune by the same name performed by Matt Molloy.

Suggested recorded music: "The Double Diamond Strathspey" from the Muriel Johnstone/Keith Smith album, Vintage Goldring.

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