May 31, 2012

Silver Heather 8x32 J


32-bar jig for 3 couples in a 4-couple longwise set

1 - 4    1W followed by 1M cast off one place (2C step up on 3-4) and cross to opposite side

5 - 8     2C + 1C RHA (and 1W faces out)

9 - 12     1W followed by 1M cast off one place (3C step up on 11-12) and cross to own side

13 - 16     1C + 3C LHA

17 - 20     1C cross RH and cast up one place (3C step down)

21 - 24     1C dance petronella turn (to 1M between 2C, 1W between 3C),
and all set in lines across the dance

25 - 28     1C cross RH up/down, cast to the Right to second place on own side while 2M + 3M and 2W + 3W dance back to back

29 - 32     all turn partner RH

Repeat having passed a couple.

Devised by Els van der Kamp (ekamp [at] in May 2012 for the coming Silver Jubilee of the Geldermalsen Scottish Country Dance Group "White Heather" in 2013.

Suggested tune: "Mr & Mrs T M Robertson," by Iain T MacPhail

Suggested recording: "Sarah's Favourite" in Reels and Wheels by Gordon Shand and his Scottish Dance Band

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