July 24, 2012

Maggie and Caitlin 8x32 R


32-bar reel for 3-couples in a 4-couple set

1-4     1st couple set advancing, turn both hands to face down nearer hands joined.

5-8     1st couple dance below 3rd couple, cross and cast up to 2nd place on opposite sides.

9-16     Right hands across: 1st man with 2nd couple, 1st woman with 3rd couple. Left hands across: 1st woman with 2nd couple, 1st man with 3rd couple.

17-20     All chase anti-clockwise halfway around the set.

21-24     3rd and 2nd couples dance half rights and left WHILE 1st couple cross right hand and cast right to face 1st corners.

25-32     1st couple turn corner, partner, corner, partner.

Devised by J. A. McKernan (jamckern [at] gmail.com) for Maggie and Caitlin on leaving Minnesota for Oregon, May 2012. It is a fast-paced dance to reflect Maggie and Caitlin's youth and vitality, it has a 1C solo to reflect their relationship, a chase to represent travel (4 bars to get to Oregon, pretty speedy!) and CPCP to suggest making new Scottish dance friends there.

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