February 4, 2013

Minister on the Mississippi 8x32 S


32-bar Strathspey for 3 couples in a 4-couple longwise set

1-4     1C lead down for 4 bars. 2C step up on bars 3-4.

5-8     1C lead up for 2 bars to just above 3C, and turn RH once around to finish in promenade hold facing up.

9-16     1C in promenade hold dance a reel of 3 across with 3C, passing 3M by LS to begin. 1C end in 2nd place, still in the middle of the dance and 3C finish by curving in behind 1C to take promenade hold. 2C dance in on bar 16 to take promenade hold.

17-24     2C, 1C and 3C allemande. On the last 2 bars, instead of retiring, 1C petronella turn to finish woman between 3C (at the top) facing down, man between 2C (at the bottom) facing up.

25-30     3C with 1W and 2C with 1M take hands and set in lines of 3 across. All advance (1 bar) and retire (1 bar), and change places RH with opposite person.

31-32     1C petronella turn to 2nd place on own sides.

Tune: "Glengrant" by J. S. Skinner

Devised December 2012 by Lara Friedman~Shedlov (lfriedmanshedlov [at] gmail.com) in memory of RSCDS Twin Cities Branch member Alan Grant, who passed away on October 29. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Alan spent most of his adult life in Minneapolis and many years living along the shores of the Mississippi.

UPDATE 6 Feb 2013: Moved instructions for bars 31-32 to a separate line to make it more clear that only 1C are dancing the last 2 bars. Slight wording change to bars 25-30 to help clarify that crossing on bars 29-30 is up and down the set.

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