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Additional Myers-Briggs Thoughts

We had a great discussion of the Myers-Briggs last week! As Ron pointed out, it is certainly worth giving more thought to the way in which we use the results of a test like the Myers-Briggs. We were left with a lot of really important questions that are worth considering:

  • Should we work with our strengths as defined by our Myers-Briggs type? Should we appeal to the strengths of others when we know their MBTI type? Or should we try to develop our weaknesses and the weaknesses of others. For example, if we are a J, would it be helpful to try to behave in ways that are more P in order to learn what that is like?
  • Should we try to balance our MBTI types out and move toward the center?
  • Is it helpful to know each other’s MBTI type or does it create more barriers to getting work done? Are there certain situations in which it is more helpful than others? What are its limitations?
  • In general, what are the strengths and limitations of the MBTI?