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A Deeper Look at Leadership

We began LeaderQuest last Wednesday by building complex structures out of simple household items in teams of four. What was interesting wasn't necessarily just the structures that were created, but the team work that was involved. Each team had to battle each other team to build the best structures in order to win a prize.

There were several important questions that arose from this exercise. The first couple are related to working on projects and decision making in general: A) When are you done? and B) What is "good enough?"

Additionally, we had another discussion of "What is Leadership?" and we asked participants to take sides on whether or not leadership/leaders are: extroverted or introverted, born or made, spiritual or secular, coercive or noncoercive versus only noncoercive, outcomes or process focused, ethical and unethical or only ethical, about powerment or power, and positional or nonpositional. All of these are worth further discussion. It may be especially important to try to research the other side on issues where you identify specifically with one side or the other.

We had an extensive discussion of the difference between indecisiveness and apathy/relativism. On the relativistic or apathetic side, people seemed to believe that those making decisions either refused to make a decision because they saw both sides or are apathetic and just don't seem to care at all. On the indecisive side, people seemed to believe that they wanted to make a decision, but were pulled too strongly in both directions to feel as though they could make a good one. From there, we asked: How do you eventually make a decision? There will be times when making a decision is unavoidable, so at that point, what do you do? Is there a process to make that decision that can be used on a regular basis? Another important question would be: What is the reason for being indecisive? Does this do some sort of psychological work for the indecisive person? Are there times when it is valuable to be indecisive? Times when it is not valuable? What are those times? How do you analyze the risks involved in making one choice or the other?