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Welcome to Five Great Ideas

"One of the greatest abilities of the human mind is the capability to imagine what does not yet exist and then make the effort to bring that vision to reality."

Jerry Allan

Given the current state of human and planetary affairs, how can we create a sustainable future?

Join educator, architect, and creativity expert Jerry Allan as he helps us imagine a better world and focus our visions to create it.

Visit the discussion space for each challenge and view the short videos of Jerry's thought-provoking test questions. Inspired? Infuriated? Post your ideas, questions, answers, or other contributions. React to others' ideas.

Sign up for Jerry's three-part live workshop, Great Ideas: From Sparks to Solutions. Explore techniques, tools, opportunities, and actions for taking any idea from a spark in your mind to a living, working solution that makes a positive impact.

Use this forum as your meeting, thinking, and building space. Use it as your chance to make the leap from "me" to "we." Create, express, connect.

The world thanks you for your great ideas!

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