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July 2008 Archives

Rleider-forweb.jpg"You don't just achieve a certain age and have happiness
fall into your lap," says best-selling author, life coach, and senior fellow at the U of M's Center for Spirituality and Healing, Richard Leider. "When we're young, we think...'when I'm a grown up, I'll have all the answers. I'll know what I want, and where I'm going, and I'll be fulfilled and content.'"

"But you know what? It doesn't work that way. People get done with their working life, with that long process of earning a living and meeting their basic needs, and they retire, and then they look around and say... 'now what?'

"A century ago," Leider continues, "there was no real idea of 'retirement'-- but today, people are living much, much longer -- the average American lifespan is almost 80 years. We've got a whole lot of living left to do as 'mature adults.' So then, the question becomes: where do you go to get an advanced degree in maturity?"

coming up, August 2008

Beyond the Book: Something to Live For online discussion, July 31
Discuss Richard Leider's latest book, Something to Live For: Finding Your Way in the Second Half of Life, with him and other members of the LearningLife community. The free online discussion kicks off July 31 and will be capped with an optional dinner event on September 4 with Leider at the U's Campus Club. Sign up to receive a weekly e-mail when Leider posts new discussion content to the site.

Other upcoming events
Wine That's Found Its Time, August 6
Marvelous Mosaics, August 12
Destination: China, August 13

Gauge your biological age and learn healthy tips with a free membership at BlueZones.com. Founded by National Geographic writer and explorer Dan Buettner, BlueZones.com offers tools like the Vitality Compass (developed in partnership with the University of Minnesota School of Public Health) and articles on exercising, eating, and living well.

Are older Americans really happier than younger ones? A July 14 Washington Post article summarizes new research that claims, in part, that simply being older can help confer contentment.

Missed Daniel Ellsberg and Larry Jacobs' Great Conversations on "American Democracy in Dissent"? Download an MP3 or listen through the Flash Player as a seminal figure in the history of the Vietnam War discusses the role of secrecy in government with one of the U's top political science professors.