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August 2008 Archives

AndyGilats2.jpgThis fall, LearningLife will premiere the Life Skills Workshops--half-day workshops that cover topics from financial planning, to creating a legacy, to charting your future.

This month, Living a LearningLife writer Megan Rocker sat down with LearningLife director Andy Gilats to get a sneak peek at this new series, and at LearningLife's other fall programming.

coming up...September 2008

With instructor Rachael Freed, reflect on, clarify, and document your legacy in an evening workshop, Legacies: The Footprints We Leave Behind, October 21.

Something to Live For dinner event, September 4

Compleat Scholar Sampler, September 9

Financial Planning for Life, October 23

Rochester-based author Mitch Anthony’s book, The New Retirementality, focuses on ways to live the life you want to—at any age. Check out his Web site for a list of Web resources that can help you plan, and to build a free New Retirementality profile.

The BBC has launched a comprehensive new Health Web site that’s now in beta-testing. Read articles, use online tools, and submit your feedback on how they can improve this major addition to online health-related resources.

Minnesota is changing fast. Watch Minnesota State Demographer Tom Gillaspy’s April 2 presentation on Minnesota’s Radical Demographic Change, part of the Strategic Leadership Insights program.

The University of Minnesota School of Music offers performances year-round, many of them free. A list of September events includes a master class and performance from pianist Leon Fleisher.