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March 2009 Archives

Freedman3.JPGThe idea of working beyond traditional retirement age is nothing new to most baby boomers.

What is new is the rapid increase of interest in, and adoption of, "encore careers." Encore careers, as defined by Civic Ventures founder and CEO, Marc Freedman, is "work that combines income and personal meaning with social impact." Civic Ventures is a think tank and program incubator whose goal is to help "society achieve the greatest return on experience."

The 2008 Encore Career Survey, conducted by the MetLife Foundation and Civic Ventures, found that between 5.3 to 8.4 million boomers had moved from their traditional career to this new stage of work.

On Saturday, May 16, LearningLife will present the Encore Fest--a day designed to help attendees define their second act, whether that's paid work, volunteer work, or a combination of both.

coming up...March 2009

Encore Fest with Marc Freedman. Get inspired to explore your next chapter in this daylong event. (Saturday, May 16, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.)

Great Conversations: Seymour Hersh, Walter Mondale, and Larry Jacobs (Tonight: Tuesday, March 10, 7:30 p.m.)

LIFE: A Journey Through Time photography exhibit (Bell Museum of Natural History, through April 12)

Religious Traditions: The History of Islam (Thursdays, April 23-May 14, 7-9 p.m.)

Split Rock Arts Program: The Photographic Project—A Primer
(three-day intensive workshop: June 28-July 1)

Give us your input on future LearningLife events! Take a quick, 10-question survey and be entered to win two Encore Fest tickets.

Didn’t catch last spring’s LearningLife Fest? Listen online as the Purpose Project’s Richard Leider discusses “Facing the Midlife Challenge,” or to former Star Tribune travel writer Catherine Watson’s presentation, “Living a Renewable Life.” (Links will open to an audio file.)

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