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Fall Transition Workshops get underway!

WorkshopsPhoto.jpgNavigating major transitions, especially in the second half of life, can be difficult, but it can also be joyful and rewarding. If we see transition as such, our journeys become positive and purposeful, offering time for review, rediscovery, retooling, and re-emergence.

Enter LearningLife's Transition Workshop series, which kicks off on October 17.

Transition Workshops are designed to help participants prepare for the next stage of life by allowing them to take a step back, rekindle their sense of purpose, make new connections, explore options, move toward meaningful "encore" work, and embrace community engagement.

These half-day workshops feature lively interaction with a community of learners, presentations from outstanding experts, and practical strategies and tools attendees can employ in their own lives.

So, whether you are searching for your encore career, looking forward to retirement, or just want to revive your sense of purpose and connect with like-minded individuals, take a look at this engaging new series.

Full workshop details, instructor bios, and registration information is available on the LearningLife Web site.

Fall 2009 LearningLife Transition Workshops

Blueprint for a Successful Retirement (10/17)
Using a special tool, rate and build upon 52 factors that affect satisfaction, meaning, and happiness during retirement. Then create a blueprint for an authentic retirement that meets your goals.

Your Next Chapter: Exploring Life/Work Options
Is there a life/work transition in your future? Learn how to proactively manage the transition from "status quo," through the uncertainty of change, to new sources of satisfaction and meaning.

Financial Planning for Life (10/29)
Financial planning should center on how we want to live. Now, take a holistic approach to financial planning in which you'll use your life situation, goals, and human and financial resources to create a financial plan for the life you want.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®: A Tool for Taking Charge of Change (11/9)
Take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) for the first time or after a long time to learn how it can help you take charge of changes and transitions. Explore resistance to change, levers to get unstuck, methods for staying with new commitments, and more.

Exploring Self Employment: Start-Ups (11/17)
Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? Learn sustainable ways to connect your passions and interests to the needs of others by exploring the process that entrepreneurs follow: idea generation, screening ideas, planning, launching, growing, and harvesting.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter: Making Them Work for You (11/21)
Are you interested in online networking but don't know how to start or what to do next? Are you wondering how online networking could be valuable to you, either personally or professionally? In this hands-on introduction, learn how to use, navigate, and leverage the "big three" social networks, and leave ready to make them work for you.

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