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January 2010 Archives

Katherine_and_Elizabeth_Hirsh.jpgNew Year's tradition dictates that we resolve to be better people by crafting resolutions such as being a nicer person, eating a healthier diet, finally cleaning out the garage, or conquering our fear and asking for a raise. While such resolutions are terrific if followed, we often make them based on what we believe we should do. By focusing on resolutions that seem socially appropriate we may be simply creating new ways to beat ourselves up. So what to do? How do we enhance our lives without turning self-improvement into another means to criticize ourselves for not measuring up? Read on for three helpful suggestions that we like to call Un-Resolution Solutions.


Iraj_Bashiri.jpgWhile many pundits dissect the American-led war effort in Afghanistan, few understand the region's cultural history, which reflects the country's position as a crossroads for successive waves of invading forces.

At the January 7, 2010 Headliners, professor Iraj Bashiri, who recently returned from the region, discussed what history reveals about a way forward in Afghanistan.
Listen to the audio online or download an mp3 file of his talk.

Thumbnail image for catherine_watson.jpgMy younger dog has just decided he can't go down stairs anymore. He runs up them eagerly, just as he has for all of his five-year-old life. But he has stopped believing he can come down again.

My older dog thinks he's a moron. I think he's a metaphor, but I'll come back to that.

The dog in question is a fluffy white Shih-Tzu mix who weighs 20 pounds but is supposed to weigh 16. If you saw the third "Star Wars'' epic, you can picture him: Cubby looks like an Ewok. Just not as brave.