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Expert blog post: Donna Bennett on "Shoulds and Expectations: Where's the Wonder?"

Donna_Bennett.JPGWe live in a culture that is focused on getting things done. Busyness is embedded in the routine of our daily lives. Much of what drives our busyness is our shoulds. If our shoulds don't motivate us, we can count on expectations to get us moving, our own and others' as well. The art of wonder, which we had abundantly in childhood, is all but lost as we hurry through our lives.

If we wonder at all in the midst of our busyness, we are likely to wonder: "Did I turn off the...before I left?"; "Would he/she/they wait a few more days for...?"; "How long has it been since I called...?"; "Is it time for mom's/dad's/pet's/child's checkup?", and so on.


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