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Expert blog post: Elizabeth and Katherine Hirsh on "Love is Attention in Action"

Katherine_and_Elizabeth_Hirsh.jpgIn the spirit of Valentine's Day, let's think about the love in our lives and those who are most important to us. Even though we care deeply, how good are we at showing our affection in a way that is meaningful to those we love? Is our own "baggage" blinding us to how special the person right in front of us truly is?

When we reflect on our love lives (and we mean that in the broadest possible sense - romantic partner, family, close friends), we often focus on how we would like to be loved, what we're missing, what we need. Further, we tend to give love in the way we would like to receive it, rather than seeking to understand our loved ones' wants and desires. With this in mind, use the suggestions below in order to better understand and honor the needs of your significant others as well as decrease the potential for misunderstandings in your relationships.


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