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May 2012 Archives

CCE Centennial 1913 2013.jpgThe University sees as its members not only the students who resort to the chief center, but the other thousands on farms, in factories, in offices, in shops, in schoolrooms, and in homes who look to it for guidance and encouragement. It is fascinating to picture the possibilities of this widening sphere as it makes its way into every corner of the state.
--Former University President George Vincent (1911-1916), who oversaw the establishment of the General Extension Division (now the College of Continuing Education) in 1913

From its very beginnings, the College of Continuing Education has been one of the standard bearers for the University's outreach mission--bringing lifelong opportunities to people not just on campus, but in the far corners of the state, the country, and even around the globe. For 100 years, the College has provided individuals with access to experts who helped them to challenge their perspectives, change their lives, or transform their communities.

Skitch-2012-05-22 15_55_43 +0000.jpgTo celebrate those 10 decades of innovation and education, LearningLife's summer programming will feature A Century of Ideas, a series of seminars examining the defining moments and movements that made our society what it is today. Each two-hour event will highlight an individual decade and feature University faculty and prominent Twin Cities' experts.