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October 2012 Archives

Poetry's bum rap

DeborahKeenan-K.jpgPoetry gets a bum rap. For many, the subject conjures up unpleasant memories from high school English and the panic felt when asked by the teacher, "What does this poem mean?" Others feel poetry is simply over their heads; a sort of sport for only the most intellectual among us who can decipher a metaphor or write in iambic pentameter.

To help students shake some of these notions, two of Minnesota's most recognized poets, Deborah Keenan and Jim Moore, will teach Poetry 101: Reading and Appreciation on Saturday, November 10 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. This intensive daylong course offers students the chance to explore poetry in a warm, welcoming environment. Keenan and Moore will guide students in using various tools helpful to enriching their understanding and enjoyment of poetry. Students will quickly discover they need not be a professional scholar or critic to develop an excellent ear for poetic composition.