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April 2013 Archives

LearningLife instructor and author of John Dillinger Slept Here Paul Maccabee looks at infamy and edibles in Twin Cities history

Snag a slice of pizza at Savoy; take flight with a craft beer or two at the Happy Gnome; enjoy the local walleye at Tavern on Grand; order your steak still mooing at Kincaid's; reserve a table for fine dining at W.A. Frost's... No matter what your culinary curiosity asks for, chances are, you can find it in St. Paul.

And, of course, being the metropolitan area that it is, there's always a chance for a celebrity sighting or two when you are out and about. Maybe you'll end up having a drink next to Lady Gaga at the Turf Club, or catch a glimpse of hometown hero and Twins catcher Joe Mauer as he chows down on a Juicy Lucy at the Nook in Highland Park.

While it sometimes gets short shrift compared to its larger twin on the other side of the river, as it turns out, the Capital City is just as "happening," and has long been a hangout for the rich and famous...or, in some cases, infamous.
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Robert Elde, Saturday Morning Seminar speaker and dean of the College of Biological Sciences asks, "Are We Intrinsically Violent?"

Thumbnail image for Robert P. EldePh.D.jpgWarfare and violence have been part of human society for so long that one might wonder if they are inevitable, an intrinsic characteristic of the human mind. From the Crusades to the French Revolution, from the Holocaust to today's suicide bombers, it seems that a propensity towards violent behavior can be found in cultures throughout history and around the world.

So, is there hope for us? Are we an intrinsically violent species? And if so, does the answer lie in mitigating our behavior, our genetics, or something else entirely?

Dr. Robert Elde, dean of the U's College of Biological Sciences (CBS), tackles those questions and more at the Saturday Morning Seminar, Are We Intrinsically Violent on April 13, on the St. Paul campus.