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June 2013 Archives

It's "all aboard," as LearningLife takes a scenic tour of Minnesota's most iconic and historical railways

4-38 2719 & ore train.jpgThey say "a penny saved is a penny earned," but for LearningLife instructor Steve Glischinski, that "penny saved" earned him a career to go with it.

"My dad was frugal. Or..." laughs Glischinski, "cheap."

"I grew up in the Highland Park neighborhood [in St. Paul], and back then, garbage service was something like $1 a month. He didn't want to pay that much, and discovered that if you took the garbage down to the Pig's Eye landfill yourself, it was only 50 cents.

"So, every Saturday, we'd get in the car, go drop off the trash, and then since the landfill was right near the Milwaukee Road railroad yard, he'd take my brother and me over to watch the trains."

As a result of these Saturday morning family outings, Father and Brother Glischinski developed a lifelong interest in trains. Young Steven Glischinski developed... "an obsession. My wife would call it an obsession."

More than 45 years after that first train yard visit Glischinski is still immersed in the railway culture. He just published his seventh book on the subject, Minnesota Railroads: A Photographic History, 1940-2012 (University of Minnesota Press), he is a regular contributor and correspondent for Trains Magazine and Trains.com, and this summer, he will be leading the LearningLife day-long immersion, All Aboard: A Colorful History of Railroads in Minnesota (Aug. 7).