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August 2013 Archives

Grandpa John Tells All

Ruminations, contemplations, and other cool stuff from LearningLife "super student" John Harris.

Sit down with John Harris for a couple of hours, and you'd best be prepared to talk about...well, just about anything. World travel. Linguistics. Who really wrote Shakespeare's plays. Photography. Homeschooling. Horses. Books (and books of every stripe, from high literature to pop detective fiction...even some chick lit, "it's really just a good thriller novel, once you skip over some of the romancy bits"). Current events. Medicine. Wikileaks. Wikipedia. Celebrities. Politics. The relative merits of a mountain vacation over a beach one. Interest rates and the recession. Ayn Rand...

John Harris Small.jpgIt's not surprising, given his history, that this dedicated LearningLife veteran is a veritable walking "Wikipedia Game." He credits his parents with instilling in him both an insatiable curiosity and desire to learn, as well as a sense of wanderlust that has taken him (literally) around the world.

Born in Lawrence, Kansas in 1933, Harris grew up in Missouri ("Missour-uh"), graduated from high school in California, and attended college in Colorado. Then, he took a break, traveled the globe, returned to California, and for most of the last fifty-plus years, has made a home in Minnesota. Through it all, he has always looked for new ideas to explore. "I suppose you could call me a perennial student," he says.