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Recently in Calling all foodies... Category

The Star Tribune has a nice article about the shift from people developing large vegetable gardens to integrating edible plants into their broader landscape plans. Learn more about this topic, and hear from Julie Weisenhorn, state director for the U's Master Gardening program at a fun Curiosity Camp this summer- The Edible Urban Landscape, on June 28.

Congratulations to current Compleat Scholar instructor, Eric Dregni! His book Never Trust a Thin Cook and Other Lessons from Italy's Culinary Capital received the CityPages best book by a local author award.

Food scientist Tonya Schoenfuss was asked by WCCO news "why is our food so salty"? Read her response and learn about her current research into the salt levels in cheese. Dr. Schoenfuss will lead a "cheesy" Curiosity Camp this summer; during "Cheese, Glorious Cheese!" on June 29 delve into the science and art of cheesemaking.